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Who invented poker and when did it appear?

Many people wonder who invented poker, and when did this game even begin. There is no definite answer, since the history of poker began a long time ago. There are only some theories of origin that have not been fully proven.

The origin of the game in Europe

In the middle of the 16th century, the first mentions of poker appeared in Europe. It is believed that poker was invented here. Entertainment was not called poker, but "primero". The rules here also differed from modern ones:

  • Players were dealt not 2, but 3 cards at once.
  • There were no names of poker combinations, but it was possible to collect the same cards in height or suit.
  • There was only one betting round, after which the showdown came.

A little later in the 18th century, an analogue of poker appeared among the British. Here the players were given 5 cards per hand, from which they collected a combination. Here the principle is very similar to classic poker. Already at these times, bluffing was actively used to win money. The British still believe that poker was invented in their country.

A story from Asia

Many people are interested in the question, when did poker appear? Some sources mention that poker originated in Asia in the 10th century. This game was preferred by the emperor and his subjects. The cards were carved out of ivory, and they cost a lot of money. In the story of the commander Shang Zong, there are mentions of this gambling game. He preferred poker and was considered a pretty strong player. Many historians believe that it was this man who invented poker. Differences and peculiarities of the rules in the 10th century:

  • Only 5 people could play at the same time.
  • The deck included only 25 ivory cards.
  • There were 5 suits in total.

Most historians believe that poker originated in China.

Playing in America

There is a version that the game and the basic rules of poker were invented and brought to America by the French. The first games started in Louisiana. It was here that poker emerged, which in terms of meaning and rules is the closest to the modern game. In 1834, a deck of 52 cards was used for poker in America. Sailors loved this game very much and preferred to play poker on the ship. Therefore, the rules have spread to other states. In the Wild West, the game has become an important part of culture, almost everyone knew about the rules. There is an assumption that poker was invented by Jonathan Green. He mentioned the game many times in his letters, described the nuances and rules. However, it can be understood from his text that he was just watching the game of his friends sailors and making written notes. No other evidence of his authorship could be found. Green called playing cards a sailor's entertainment, since during the voyage it was the main leisure of sailors. Many players believe that the game itself was invented by Doyle Brunson. This player is considered a true legend of poker. Brunson really devoted his whole life to the game and was able to achieve incredible results. The player himself does not assume the authorship of the poker game and its rules.

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